Analysis and trading

Statistical trade analysis and trading robot creation.


About the system

The system offers the user to research, develop and test his strategy by oneself, while you may do it en masse. You can start with statistic excerpts to inspect the way of winning strategy grouping; this will let you take the optimal one with the aid of statistical processing. Based on this strategy we will create a trading robot and you can set your risk parameters under the historical data integrated to easy-to-process form.

Possible settings

  • 1
    Setting the combinations up to 10 candles.

    You may set the search to 10 candles of any size.

  • 2
    A candle size adjustment.

    You may set any size.

  • 3
    A candle type adjustment.

    You may choose a “bay” or “ask” type.

  • 4
    Three variants of the Stop Loss setting.

    From the maximal Hi to Low combination.

  • 5
    A report in Excel format.

    The data produced in Excel format.


We are constantly working on improving our system. In the nearest update, you will find new options.

  • We will add candle shades.
  • A new section will be available – a motion search.
  • A new section based on the Candle Absorption model.
  • A new statistical report on improving the strategy you have found.
  • A new report that will show the maximum decline of your system within a trade period. It means any other testers cannot indicate the decline during a trade period, you see just the outcome on a certain day.
  • The statistical processing of your data proceeds by our team of mathematicians


A trial period


  • 5 times scanning
  • The currency – yuppies
  • For any TF
One-time scanning

0.99 $

  • 1 scanning
  • The currency – yuppies
  • For any TF

9 $

  • Up to 10 times scanning
  • 2 robots
  • For any TF
Robot 1

3 $

  • 1 robot for the strategy you chose

  • The currency – yuppies
  • For any TF
Robot 10

29 $

  • Up to 10 robots for the strategy you chose
  • The currency – yuppies
  • For any TF
Price Maxi

49 $

  • 50 times scanning

  • 10 robots
  • For any TF

Create and check your strategy

We are glad to answer all your questions about system operation.